The use of mulch for landscaping and ground cover can be beneficial for aesthetics and the health of your gardens and plant life. Mulch breaks down slowly, adding nutrients to the soil over time. Pine nuggets are also known as pine bark and well as a mulch in flower beds, around trees, walkways, and paths. Both of these can help prevent weed growth, retain moisture in the soil, and protect plant roots by insulating the soil in cold weather.

Coverage area may vary slightly for different materials.

Black Mulch

Black mulch can also protect the soil from erosion, keep soil-borne diseases at bay, keep soil temperatures consistent, and keep our plants clean. Used for ground cover in flower beds or around trees.

Brown Mulch

Our premium shredded mulch not only looks great but will help with insulating the soil. Mulch also retains water helping to keep roots moist during the summer. Other uses are ground cover in flower beds or around trees.

Mini Nuggets

Nuggets are made from pine bark, they will last for years and do the same job as mulch, control weeds and help retain moisture. You can simply spread it evenly across the ground, around plants, and around trees.

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