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Dirt, also referred to as soil, is a very useful material made of organic matter, minerals, gasses, liquids, and even organisms. From planting a new garden to making building materials, the absorbent and malleable nature of dirt is a great base for any project. Fill Dirt can be used for foundation and construction projects.

Coverage area may vary slightly for different materials.

Top Soil

Screened & Non-Screened - Topsoil contains a variety of organic matter, creating a material that can hold water and nutrients. This means it can be a great option to assist growth. Topsoil is best used for leveling, filling in larger areas or holes, and supporting plant growth and sod.

Fill Dirt

Unlike topsoil, fill dirt - the layer beneath topsoil - has very little organic material. Fill Dirt will often contain more rocks and dense earth that can be effective for filling holes or changing elevation. This material can be used on construction and residential projects.

 We pride ourselves on having an estimated compaction rate of 95%

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